Fused Tech Resource team is formed with the collaboration of IT professionals dedicated to help sophisticated business people, leaders, visionaries and all walks of life to materialize their ideas in terms of Information Technology. We stand by our company name to fuse technology and resources to deliver IT product based on the clients need On TIME and On Budget.

“Fused Tech Resource delivers bespoke technology solutions by combining technology, team expertise and client needs … ”


Fusedtech Resource specialize in delivering simple yet effective IT solutions to our client’s technology needs. With the fusion of ideas and planning from our clients and Fusedtech Resource IT team, we were able to build effective and useable applications from new mobile applications; web applications that helps companies and their client with daily transactions and information they need to know and in-house applications that helps users accomplish their task in most convenient and efficient way. In short, we help our client materialize their IT requirements to life on the web.

Custom Web Development

A success of web development will be based on delivering clients goals inside and out. Once we help our client conceive and refine their ideas, Fusedtech Resource team converts that knowledge into a working and effective web application. Having the experience to build web applications for remittance, intranet, e-commerce, CMS, inventory and many other web development, we could say we love to push our web development skills and experience to the next level. From legacy application to new technology, Fusedtech Resource team will deliver.

Mobile Development

From a new application to converting existing web application to portable device, we love to help clients achieve their mobile development needs. It can be for iOS such as iPhone and iPad to Android application, we stay on top of the latest technologies and trends. Fusedtech Resource team will develop your mobile app idea into reality.

Visual Design UI/UX

Online clients must have a solid first impression to stay on your page. Fusedtech Resource team can create streamlined, simple and user-friendly designs that makes your online visitor fully understand the purpose on your web site. Our team do our designs in-house and make sure it will run flawlessly across all platforms and devices using responsive architectures.

Web Maintenance

Maintaining a website regardless if this is a personal, an e-commerce or a business website is very crucial and important to keep your website functioning. Fusedtech Resource team will help you make your site up and running 24/7. These also includes Corrective, preventive and update maintenance to be sure your website is always on track.

Web Hosting

Choosing the best hosting for your website is one of the essential things to consider when you are setting up a website. By best, Fusedtech Resource team will provide affordable and cost effective solution and does not compromise the effectivity of your website. Our team can provide you support to setup your web site from scratch to finish.

Technical Support

In any operation that uses technology, maintenance for your hardware and software should be one of the top priorities to consider. Fusetech Resource team can provide support to your company whether it is a desktop, network and software concern. We have the experience and the tools needed to provide your needs.

“if you love your work, you’ll never work a day in your life”


We believe in the saying “if you love your work, you’ll never work a day in your life”. We follow the cycle of good relationship from our developer, client and company.

We have simple rule in our team: “As a team we should be happy for what we do because if we are happy we produce good result, if we produce good result our client will be happy, if the client is happy the company will be happy, if company is happy, our team will be happy and the circle goes round and round.”

We don’t always says yes but discusses things to come up with a better version from a simple idea, this way we were able to deliver projects in more effective way.

What our clients say about us...